Vernon L. Kerr

With glowing color and luminous light effects, Vernon Kerr's seascapes and landscapes have earned him international fame.

Vernon seeks growth and perfection in his art; as a teenager he followed the example of the Old Masters and apprenticed for four years to Leon Franks. Later, after studies in the Orient as a Navy illustrator, in the Los Angeles Art Center, and with Sergei Bongart, Vernon operated his own art gallery in Laguna Beach, joined the Laguna Art Festival, and taught classes for several years. He and his family lived near the salt-sprayed bluffs of Mendocino, California.

Vernon Kerr studied the Old Masters and believed in their discipline and versatility. His creations embrace seascape, landscape (including snow and desert), still-life, floral, portrait, figure and wildlife. His ambition: Freedom to paint anything, anywhere, any time. "Painting is not fun unless I am learning something new, and Nature is my greatest teacher."

He wrote a book for Walter T. Foster, No 183 How Vernon Kerr Paints Seascapes and Landscapes. With fifty prints marketed through three publishers (Haddad, Texas Press and International Art), Vernon Kerr's works are a lasting treasure and a sound investment.

Vernon Kerr is now included in Davenport's Art Reference & Price Guide, 2001/2002. He is also included in Edan Milton Hughes' Artists in California 1786-1940.

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