Duane A. Armstrong

The California Redwoods have hidden an artistic marvel for over three decades. People recognize his work immediately, yet he himself is practically an unknown due to his reclusive and humble nature. After his broad acceptance as a nationally distributed and published artist he chose to step back from the over exposed commercial world of art and focus on the process of painting itself. As a result, this world-renowned artist returned to his roots, beginning a furious quest of visual expression without restraint. This has resulted in a vast collection of truly unique and beautiful oil paintings, now being offered for the first time to art patrons and collectors around the world.

Duane Albert Armstrong, a native Californian, was born in Fresno on Christmas Day in 1938. He was raised in the beautiful countryside near San Luis Obispo until 1950 when his family moved to the Santa Clara Valley. He has created 7,000 works since he won his first art award at the age of twelve. Reproductions of his "Fields Of Grass" paintings have enjoyed immense worldwide popularity.

His work has been reproduced and distributed by Heritage Publications, Illinois Moulding Co., Windsor Art Co., Turner Art Co., Continental Art Co., and Art Market International. His art has been marketed in over 3,500 well-known department stores in the Untied States, as there are more than 185 different paintings in print. During the 1970's, the popularity of these works catapulted him into the top five print sales in the nation.

During the last three decades, the world has not had the opportunity to purchase the thousands of new paintings Duane has worked so diligently on. His new works are now made available to the international art market through his new website. Half of the proceeds from the website will go directly to non-profit organizations. Duane's vision is a synergistic one, combining his hard work with the support of art patrons for charitable endeavors.

Mr. Armstrong is a very intense man who is serious about his work, yet admits that he is sometimes lost in the vast world he seeks to explore. His paintings span seven decades of dedication to this endless exploration. Throughout the years, he constantly looks for a novel direction that can reach an ever-higher level of visual expression. The more he creates the more avant-garde his paintings become. Duane does not consider himself an American icon, as some do, but instead is only interested in that new frontier he has not yet discovered.

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